Twilight Open Houses: Setting Our Listings Apart from Competition

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With hundreds of potential buyers and sellers flocking to the “Big Event” open house weekend  in April, we can say hands down that the BIG EVENT was a smashing success!  As we look ahead to the prolonged daylight hours of summer, why not be different and capitalize on the success of a company- wide promoted Open House event and the long days of summer?!   Get ready for TWILIGHT OPEN HOUSES!

All summer long we will be holding homes open during special weekday evening hours and holding open properties that are clustered together. The goal is to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by offering potential buyers traveling home from work the opportunity to stop by and take a peek at our properties. With longer daytime summer hours, Twilight Open Houses give our sellers another alternative as well as the weekends to showcase their homes. Plus, a seller thinking of listing his or her home for sale will certainly notice how we are distinguishing ourselves in the marketplace.

Our marketing department is currently putting the finishing touches on the promotional pieces to support this effort. We have developed online banner ads, Facebook promotions, newspaper ads and ecards designed to drive traffic to our Open House Gallery.  Each office will also be provided with a supply of eye-catching Twilight Open House temporary yard signs to help capture the buyers’ attention as they travel through the neighborhood.

Below is the Twilight Summer Schedule…please mark your calendars for the dates and time.   Our listings are heating up and we can’t wait to feature them in the a new light- TWILIGHT!

TWILIGHT HOURS….    6-8 pm


Wednesday, May 21

Wednesday, August 13

Wednesday, June 18

Wednesday, September 17

Wednesday, July 16