Wise Words from Helen Hanna Casey

Every month, our agents receive advice from the President of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, Helen Hanna Casey.   Many of these tips she learned from her father, our Founder, Howard W. Hanna, Jr.  And, they still hold relevance in best business practices today.  Most recently, she shared the lesson: “Take a moment and think of just one more thing to do. Now do it.”  Imagine the difference ‘one more thing’ might do for your business when you think you are finished with your tasks for the day.

Here are a few ‘things’ that she shared might make the difference in the year ahead for every agent in our Helen Hanna Caseyorganization:

1.Brag about yourself. Check out the “Extraordinary You” campaign on GoHanna and customize the marketing pieces to send to your sphere of influence. Then post it on social media, and don’t forget to include it for listing presentations

2.Write a thank you note. Mark Zuckerberg wrote one a day, every day, last year and my Dad has done it every day for 50 years. In our digital age, a handwritten thank you note comes across as a remarkable and thoughtful gift. Even an emailed thank you note is appreciated

3.Check your list of buyers from open houses. Call them and see if they are ready to buy

4.Check out your dashboards and follow up with everyone on the list. There are lots of levels that can be converted.

5.Check your web page: update it to assure it grabs a potential client’s attention.

6. Schedule a 10-minute sit-down with your manager to review achievements and goals, and to share updates.

7.Schedule a 10-minute sit-down with your office Finance Manager to discuss how you can work together to assure success.

8.Check out HannaU for some extra tips.

Thank you, Helen and Mr. Hanna, for the wise words!