A Message from Helen Hanna Casey on Multi-Generational/Multi-Media Marketing

Helen Hanna Casey

In the year of celebrating ‘Extraordinary You’ at Howard Hanna, Helen Hanna Casey continues to share her advice with our agents to assist them in growing their business in 2016. Below is her latest message to our agents addressing the all-important issue of multi-media and multi-generational marketing.

We are everywhere our clients are located. There are so many ways for marketing to attract sellers and buyers: with print advertisements, digital advertisements, television commercials, direct mail, signage, and more. With so many options today, it’s easy to get lost in the “medium.” No matter where or how we market to our clients, the goal is the same: to let everyone know that we are the only place to come for their real estate needs.

So how do you distinguish yourself and send the right message no matter what medium you are using? The following are some methods to do so.

  1. Pictures.

How updated is your promotional photo? How often do you look at your listings online at your website, HowardHanna.com? How do those photos show? Is there snow or beautiful flowering trees? Do they show the home’s best advantages?

  1. You are what people read.

Check your web page – what does it really say? A good way to know is to check your reviews.

Gone are the days when you can write an advertisement or description that just says “Charming three-bedroom home!” Talk about something buyers can’t see in the pictures. Invite friends and family to share in the warmth of this family kitchen or “backyard barbecue haven.” Use words to entice clients. Everything you write about the home is an advertisement whether it’s the MLS description, present sheet, postcard and e-card, or print advertisement that gives people a reason to call YOU.

  1. Howard Hanna provides the media platforms.

We are a destination to search for agents, neighborhood homes, mortgages, and more. But you are the center of it all. Make sure your message is loud and clear. Remember – less is more.