Becoming Extraordinary: Great Advice from Helen Hanna Casey

Every month, our agents and staff look forward to the wise words from our Company President, Helen Hanna Casey that inspire and focus our attention on ways to become extraordinary.  Below is the most recent message on exclusivity and how Howard Hanna agents are among the most exclusive. Helen Hanna Casey“During my visits throughout the company, I am amazed at the skills all of you possess to negotiate with sellers and buyers and to be hired as their exclusive agent. Your creativity and commitment to your clients amazes me, but I worry that you are often working too hard and missing opportunities to be “Exclusive”.

Let’s start with Exclusivity. It’s defined several ways, but here are a couple:

  • Not obtainable elsewhere
  • Catering to or available to only select people; high class and expensive
  • The one and only

If you want be exclusive, start by defining what makes you special. Check out your resume. Does it talk about you and what you have achieved? Does it talk about your community involvement, international skills, being transferred or a committed life-long resident, what makes you special and “Exclusive”? Remember, every agent on our major broker sites is a Realtor® and belongs to our associations, so it shouldn’t be the first thing about you.


Add the exclusive programs offered by Howard Hanna. The Money Back Guarantee (MBG) is the most exclusive program of all because we really do guarantee the houses we list and sell will retain their value. Only you can affirm a seller’s list price because we guarantee a buyer that we will buy it back at 100% of the purchase price. For both buyers and sellers, it’s a win-win. Don’t forget to use it in marketing your listing. Did you know you can opt to have the MBG on your listings on your web page? Try it.


Company-wide, we offer exclusive programs that can help you achieve your goals, from our partnership with Realtor. com, Trulia, and Zillow to enhancing all of your listings with income advantage, mortgage programs, and so much more. Take the time to remind yourself of all that’s available and how you can use it to improve your ability to be hired by sellers and buyers. Show your clients what properties look like on the top sites and assure them that only you will connect with buyers. Explain what our Income Advantage program is and let them know that you’re secure, so you won’t push them into a deal just to make a commission. Use our lead generation systems and Homefinder to let them know how much exposure their homes will get, or let a buyer know that there is lots of competition.


All of this and so much more is available to help you stand apart and be the most “Exclusive” agent in town.


Nobody does it better than our agents. We Guarantee It. Individually and together we are the best in the business.

Hoping to see you all as I continue my World Tour of Negotiation through the fall. Look for upcoming dates!