Top 10 List for Ringing in a Productive 2017


2017 is here….are you ready to make it your best year yet?!   Take a few tips from our most successful agents who are already off to the races in the New Year!

  • Write down your listing, buyer, and referral goals for 2017 and track each of them
  • Hold Open Houses with the number one goal of getting listings
  • Update your database.  Your network reflects your net worth in real estate
  • Reinvent yourself by updating your profile on your website, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Create a fresh look for you and your listing inventory by updating photos for both
  • Google your biggest challenge in real estate business and see what you can learn.  Our agents have a wealth of free webinars from leading real estate educators on Hanna U
  • Mail settlement statements along with a  personal letter to all of your clients
  • Add a technology to make your business faster and easier
  • Create updated CMA’s for each of your listings and send them to your clients
  • Create a personalized buyer and seller presentation.  Our agents have an interactive, live presentation via Hanna Presentations. Attend a live workshop to learn how to maximize and customize the use of Hanna Presentation in your buying and selling presentations